What can we learn from the history of others, even celebrities?

For years women have taken the initiative to “invite themselves” to the table of success. The film and television industry is no different. In this brief about Lucille Ball’s life, we can see the tenacity required to create success.

I may be dating myself, but some of you will remember to whom I’m referring. An icon, Lucille stood out in all of the entertainment industry as a comedian and television producer. It wasn’t just her red hair, her beautiful and bright smile, the jokes she often shared as a comedian, or the man she married from Cuba. It was merely her personality that drew many her way. Lucille Ball was an amazing actress, businesswoman, and legend. Her shows consisted of “I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and “Here’s Lucy” all while she was an up-and-coming TV executive.

When we make up our minds, all things are possible.

She appeared in over 72 movies, which eventually led her to meet her husband, Desi Arnaz. During their marriage, the two knew Lucy was on to something with “I Love Lucy” and created a strategy that would defeat the predictions of it not having the ability to become successful. Developing a marketing strategy to create demand ultimately placed her in the driver’s seat of her career and allowed her to generate wealth. She followed her passion and allowed her intuitive creativity to guide her choices instead of settling for less than she envisioned.

After negotiating her way through Hollywood, her show began airing daily, and fans couldn’t wait to watch the next season. Ball became the first woman to run a television studio. It was unmatched for six years, and four of its seasons were rated No. 1 in the country. There were so many lessons embedded with each episode. I thought I would share a few here.

What were the messages Lucy conveyed?

Women were equally important in the workplace.
Friends were essential and were worthy of acknowledgment.
Love should be the foundation of marriage, and it’s not always perfect.
We can achieve many things if well managed. However, never let them become overwhelming because they will always end up messy.

What things can you do to place yourself in the driver’s seat of your career?

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